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Support Vital Goods for people all over the world who are suffering from the economic crisis!

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The Hyman Jnr Foundation was birthed in the love of Christ. We seek to demonstrate the heart of our Father by implementing the example set forth by Jesus. We will accomplish this by establishing various social programs. We want to impact the educational, medical, financial, transportation, and social systems of the world.


We provide assistance with applications for health insurance. Financial assistance is also available for needed medications and medical procedures. We utilize our knowledge of the healthcare system to connect those who would otherwise be left alone with resources. Through education, we want to teach about the prevention of illnesses through healthy eating. Through our food outreach, we provide healthy and adequate nutrition to communities throughout the world.

Help to provide a good education and experience during childhood will positively affect their behavior and way of thinking. Help kids build their future in terms of education, learning languages, vocational training useful for their environment and their place of life. Offer them the opportunity to show us their shortcomings and their problems (through their points of view), by implementing simple and fun actions.

Provide information on the importance of personal hygiene, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Supply sanitary napkins for teenagers, young women, and adults during menstruation. Education pertaining to reproductive health for teenage girls. Assist in removing the social stigma from victims of sexual abuse by counseling referrals. Raise awareness concerning young women being forced into  marriages. Prevention of pregnancies in young girls, and support if they are pregnant.

We seek to intervene in emergency situations.  Care for children who have been abandoned, orphaned, and victims of trafficking.  Provide support to families in difficulties after natural disasters. Assist those who are experiencing a shortage of water, food, and other basic needs.


Develop micro-credit and zero-interest loan solutions, leading to the granting of money loans to entrepreneurs, street vendors, artisans, and people with a small project and goals. A vast majority of these people cannot access conventional bank loans like everyone else. These Micro-Credit solutions make it possible to carry out their projects, thus promoting activity and wealth creation, and income for an entire family, or community.

Provide access to a source of water and, if possible, drinking water, by developing projects for the construction of wells, water reservoirs, and the installation of rainwater recovery systems for example. It is a question of ensuring families a healthier life in order to be able to drink, cook healthy food, wash clothes, and they can wash and shower. But also to fight against malnutrition and infant mortality due to poor water quality.

Our goal is to provide  modern energy and electricity. Currently there is no support for socio-economic development and improving living conditions in rural areas in many parts of Africa and around the world. We will implement solutions to provide light, such as a simple lamp in a house, or in a village so that children can study when they return from school. We seek to install solar panels in villages and playgrounds. We favor the use of renewable energy sources such as wind, water, and solar.

Learning to treat minor injuries not to become more serious injuries before being taken to the hospital for professional doctors treatment. When 1st aid kit can be accessed easily, we ensure people are safe. When basic needs for access to basic healthcare are not met, we begin simple actions. One 1st aid kit per school & village! Lack of medical facilities, difficulties of the African health system, the poverty of families are the main reasons for this finding.

Hyman Jnr Foundation

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